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The name of my business is Swenius. Take off the “g” from the word genius, add my initials S.W. and you get SWENIUS. I've been in IT for 14 years and have held two IT leadership roles in the past 7 years. My goal is to make an impact in the DMV area through the implementation of technical and creative spaces. I believe the youth are so important and we need to make sure they have all the tools necessary to become successful.

I hail from New York and grew up between Philadelphia and Delaware. During my time in Delaware, I pursued my passion for technology by attending Delaware Technical Community College for computer networking. Later, I further honed my skills by obtaining an Associate degree in Computer Networking from ITT Tech.

Presently, I serve as the Chief of End User Services for a Baltimore city Agency.  In this role, I oversee the implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions to enable seamless operations and enhance the user experience.



Strategically overseeing and directing critical IT capability decisions, aiming to enhance overall IT management effectiveness. I possess expertise in ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, while actively seeking ways to maximize value derived from IT technology investments. My understanding encompasses the intricate process of balancing control and innovation to optimize IT capabilities for organizational success.


My proficiency in cloud technologies encompasses designing and implementing scalable solutions, focusing on resource efficiency and security. I have hands-on experience in orchestrating cloud architectures that align with business goals and industry best practices. Staying updated with emerging trends ensures my cloud knowledge remains dynamic and adaptable to evolving technological landscapes.


Actively safeguarding our digital assets and networks. This involves implementing robust security measures, conducting regular threat assessments, and ensuring swift response to potential vulnerabilities. I continuously stay informed about the latest cyber threats and industry best practices, contributing to a proactive cybersecurity approach that bolsters our organization's defenses against evolving risks.


To enhance our IT operations, I focus on implementing proactive monitoring and automation tools that swiftly identify and address potential issues before they impact productivity. I strive to streamline communication channels and foster collaboration among our IT teams, facilitating quicker problem resolution and improving overall efficiency. Additionally, I make it a priority to stay abreast of emerging technologies and industry best practices, ensuring continuous optimization and adaptation of our IT operations to meet evolving organizational needs.


It really help in finding my pathway in the world of information technology I would also be looking forward with booking with you again soon . I’m now taking a CCNA class for the new 3 months from there I’ll move my skills to azure 365 I would have not gotten this type of clarity if it wasn’t for you .

R.O. ,Texas

Shane is extremely knowledgeable and is always willing to explain everything about the field. Whenever I send a message to Shane, he consistently respond promptly.

A. L. , NYC

 I am writing to wholeheartedly recommend Shane Williams for his exceptional contributions and invaluable support throughout my career journey in the field of cybersecurity. As an IT professional and mentor, Shane has been instrumental in shaping my career trajectory and providing me with the necessary guidance and skills to succeed.

B. B. , DC

Empower yourself with invaluable insights to step into the TECH career that you deserve. 

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